Tom Murphy, PhD

R&D engineer, data scientist, and sports fan

Hardware and software from concept to production

Tom Murphy

I help build technology that solves customers’ problems as well as the world’s problems. I spent years developing a bioreactor for growing climate-friendly algae biofuels, and now I’m working on water-saving consumer products in California.

I thrive at zooming out to see the big picture, and zooming into the weeds to make the thing work. I take an engineering approach to problem-solving, taking care up-front to work with all stakeholders to clearly frame the problem, and then joyfully diving in on execution.

I did my PhD in thermo-fluid sciences at UT-Austin. My thesis was on a novel efficient algae bioreactor for sustainable biofuel production. Since then I've worked as a research scientist at NASA Ames, head of R&D at Nebia, and leader of solar tracking controls at Nevados. I've been working as a data scientist the last three years, first in cold storage warehouse optimization with Lineage Logistics, and now in smart products algorithms with Moen.

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